Modulos prefabricados: prefabricated offices

Site offices

MÓDULOS ARCO makes its prefabricated constructions, assembling its prefabricated modules to obtain completely finished prefabricated buildings with inside and outside finishes similar to those of traditional constructions. The site offices of ARCO SOLUCIONES & DISEÑOS offer optimum safety and durability features. These kind of offices are usually made up of prefabricated modules and have countless Leer más

Administration OfficeCabin

The mobile unit for administration office, as all modules of Arco are designed according to the needs of each client, with the number of jobs required, with or without bathroom, voice and data network, etc. with the configuration and distribution required , always thinking of the comfort and safety for the users. Like all the Leer más

Industrial Offices

The prefabricated constructions of MÓDULOS ARCO permit a spacious work place, individual offices, spacious conference rooms, a cosy reception area – or a combination of them all The modular industrial offices can be delivered fully equipped with work stations, air conditioning systems, furniture and accessories, security systems, control of accesses and ramps, in addition to Leer más

Modular offices

Oficinas prefabricadas
MÓDULOS ARCO offers prefabricated modular offices where its clients may conduct their trade, designed according to their marketing and sales strategy. The prefabricated business offices come in different finishes, materials and outside linings to reflect the corporate image that is to be transmitted. They may include large open windows, glass panes, false ceilings, lighting, heating Leer más