Waste warehouses

MÓDULOS ARCO manufactures containers for storage of materials, in any size

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Site cabins

Nowadays site cabins are a functional resource for storing all kinds of tools or construction materials, strictly complying with quality and safety criteria. MODULOS ARCO offers an extensive service to companies dedicated to construction and the entire industry in general. We offer efficient products like our site huts, capable of creating prefabricated buildings to facilitate Leer más

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Portable cabins

The portable cabins of MÓDULOS ARCO with their strong construction, finishes and extensive range of models provides the ideal solution for rental companies.

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Prefabricated constructions

MODULOS ARCO makes its prefabricated constructions, assembling its prefabricated modules to obtain completely finished prefabricated buildings with inside and outside finishes similar to those of traditional constructions. Floors may be wood, PVC, concrete, ceramic, etc., and walls and roof with heat-insulated panels, glass, aluminium, wood or any other kind of conventional enclosure. Thanks to their Leer más

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Prefabricated homes

The homes designed by MÓDULOS ARCO are targeted at a wide sector of the population due to their versatility to adapt to present social demands and the specific preferences of each family (permanent home, holiday home, social home, etc.)

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Demountable industrial bays

The light-weight industrial bays of MÓDULOS ARCO adapt perfectly to any kind of use, from agricultural warehouses to big logistic areas, because their modularity permits industrial bays ranging from 10 to 22 metres in width and from 4 to 8 metres in height. They are delivered fully finished, ready for use in a short period Leer más

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Modular Labor Camps

MODULOS ARCO, provides its clients an extensive experience in modular construction, to develop modular labor camps adapted to the needs of each situation, to any country in the world. Our modular labor camps normally are designed to integrate all the necessary space to accommodate workers with the best conditions and the most safety and comfort. Leer más

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Cabins waste selection

The specialised product range of MODULOS ARCO incorporates the design and construction of triage huts and selection for all kinds of materials, adapted to the client’s infrastructure and equipment. MODULOS ARCO manufactures its triage huts according to each project’s specific requirements, adapted to every user’s individual specifications, measurements and accessories (air conditioning, ventilation, heating, etc.), Leer más

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Prefabricated module kit

The export Kit modules of MÓDULOS ARCO has been developed to supply individual modules or modular constructions.  They can be quickly assembled at destination with the same characteristics of strength and versatility as the modules which are assembled at the factory. Our prefabricated modules in Kit meet the requirements requested by our customers, we adapt to Leer más

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Solar inverter cabin

MÓDULOS ARCO has developed several solutions for solar energetic solutions with prefabricated modules called solar prefabricated modules, to house electronic equipment and control of photovoltaic plants. Our solar inverter cabins are designed according to the needs of each client, we adapt to your requirements.

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Special prefabricated modules

The high specialisation of MÓDULOS ARCO offers its clients the possibility of making all kinds of modules no matter how special they may be

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Mobile Units

MODULOS ARCO, specific modules designed to comfortably accommodate workers who have jobs away from population centers, such as the exploration or mining oilfield. These mobile units can be transported easily and have a high strength to withstand the toughest working conditions. MODULOS ARCO offers mobile units for bedrooms, company man, locker rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, Leer más

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