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Almacenes de Residuos

ARCO SOLUCIONES & DISEÑOS makes containers for storing substances, in different sizes, with retention vats, ventilation grids, forced ventilation, etc.  They can also be built based on the client’s specifications.

Sea containers

ARCO SOLUCIONES & DISEÑOS provides additional solutions for its clients’ storage and transport needs with sea containers, always with top quality and strength.

Service Areas

MÓDULOS ARCO makes its prefabricated constructions, assembling its prefabricated modules to obtain completely finished prefabricated buildings with inside and outside finishes similar to those of traditional constructions MÓDULOS ARCO offers modular “turnkey” constructions that cover all the complementary facilities of service areas including the commercial shop, the pay booth, the car wash booths, shelters, etc.  Leer más

Site Cabins

MÓDULOS ARCO manufactures functional site cabins for construction tool storage.